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Believe in Yourself – 4 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in what others say about you? In fact the way how you see yourself as a person has a great impact on your achievements in life. Healthy self-esteem can help you to accept new challenges and achieve better work-life balance. Due to a positive self-evaluation you are supposed to make successful choices in your both professional and private life. Here you have four main areas that will impact your self-esteem to a high extend:

  1. Discover your superpowers

If you will not notice your merits, no one will. Finding advantages in yourself requires exercise but believe me, it is worth it. Realize the moments when you have shown yourself as an intelligent, witted, or inspiring person. Maybe your gift is that you can easily communicate to people at all levels? Discover your superpowers, which according to Karl Staib, career coach, it’s something you excel at, in part because it’s a talent but also because you enjoy doing it and do an amazing job at it. Think about the skills you currently use in your work, the ones you use outside of it, and the ones you’ve used in the past. Karl suggests that superpowers depend on three factors:


2. Accept your weaknesses

We are all human making mistakes. Do not be too harsh with you. Personally, I always try to distinguish between situations I can change and those that are beyond my control, which helps me to distance and not frustrate from the latter. Maybe at least some situations that you cannot control can be accepted and make you feel more peaceful. You can try a simple excercise to identify something in your life you really want to change but cannot. It’s crucial to realize that acceptance is non-judgmental. By accepting something it doesn’t mean you like it or think that it is good. It means that you know it’s the reality and you are willing to move on.

  1. Distance yourself from opinions

It’s a trap to pay a lot of attention to others’ opinion in life. No one knows you better than you do, so why to fully relay on them? Distinguish between constructive advice which you can use and learn from, and criticism out of someone’s frustrations. In fact, lower self-esteem very often makes people criticize and find faults. Make sure you will not fall victim to such behaviour. Interestingly, people who impact us at an early age can leave deep, lasting impressions on a young mind. As an adult you can examine the validity of such judgment. Is it wise to still carry their opinions, or can you now move on? Give yourself permission to kick them out of your life.

  1. Stop complaining

You can always find good reason to complain: your job does not give you much satisfaction, you are not earning enough, your house is messy etc. The truth is that, complaining makes it even worse. Lower self-esteem can make you see yourself as a victim and passively accept everything that happens to you. Change it and take responsibility of your life. Steven Parton, philosopher exploring the depths of consciousness,  explains how complaining not only alters your brain for the worse but also has serious negative repercussions for your mental health.

We are interested in getting to know what are your ways to work and improve your self-esteem?



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