Work-Life Balance – Why Career is So Important?

Drawing a definitive boarder between professional and private life is simply impossible. Balance isn’t about building a strict distinction between those sphere, but finding ways to connect and integrate those areas. In order to find the balance you need to learn how to set goals by defining priorities for your professional and private life. Prioritize the areas or activities where you can develop your talents or those that bring you the satisfaction. Having interests outside of work life makes you an interesting  and experienced person, who may be a great resource for each company. Many leaders confirm that nowadays it’s difficult to achieve high demands of both career and family responsibilities, so they tend to appreciate their employees to stay flexible and being aware of what they objectives really are.

  1. Find the value

What value brings your job to you? Is it just a necessary activity to make your living and spend your life comfortably? Does it give you opportunity to develop and spend time with inspiring people? What mindset towards your job do you have? Are you grateful for that position? In order to find answer to that questions you need to define what your professional life means to you. Recent research on organization psychology conducted by behaviorists B. Rosso and K. Dekas  shows that finding meaning in work has led to increase motivation, engagement, empowerment, career development, job satisfaction, individual performance and personal fulfillment, and to decrease absenteeism and stress.  In order to achieve more balanced life, it’s crucial to realize that work plays an important role in your life  and try to incorporate other areas like friends and family into it in order not to miss out anything in life. Obviously you do not need to subordinate your career to your private life, as for many of us successful family life or our passion can remain the main purpose in life, which is also fine. Work-life balance is about finding out what your priorities in life are.

2. Manage Yourself

But how to reach that balances between your processional and private life? In order to accomplish your goals in priorities you need to learn how to manage your time. According to the survey conducted by Cheryl Conner, communication expert, most people spend almost 50% of their time doing non-work related activities like browsing social media, checking email. In order to stay effective it’s crucial to realize and limit the activities that drain your time and energy e.g. turning the notification on your phone.  Each week or day you can set goals and write down a to-do lists. Stop complaining about having not sufficient time but rather learn some time management techniques that allow to better plan it and become expert in time-management.  Procrastinating is a plague of our times – beginning is already a success. Once you start, you will progress much easier than you might think. Use bus or queuing time for thinking or preparing for plan a day or aspiration rather than using it for browsing social media. As per old English saying “eat the frog’ and start a day with most challenging task to enjoy the rest of your day. Do not be afraid to ask others for help – delegation helps you to focus more on priorities and achieve the balance.

3.  Make the Most of the New Media

Nowadays technology has helped us to stay organized and better informed, but it also creates expectation of constant availability in order not to miss anything.  Do not let your phone or email notifications distract you from your tasks and put you on pressure to respond to every message you receive. Social media often makes us to compare ourselves to others and feel miserable about our life.  It’s worth to stay unplugged or to make a weekend off from the media, which will help you to stay focused and spend quality time. Actually, if chosen selectively, Internet can help you to upgrade your skills and provide you with wide rage of Internet-based learning courses e.g. available on coursea where most prestigious universities are offering their courses from different specializations for free.  What is more, top schools have in their offers professional online based education offer that professional academic degree programs to their students.  And this is just a pick of the ice berg. For example LinkedIn, makes it possible to network and connect with people and  leaders that can inspire you. Find Internet groups and communities that can motivate you and provides a medium for your ideas to flourish. Current trends show that groups, forums, and online communities are once gaining more popularity as they generate space for valuable conversations and gather people of same interests. Technology provides us with new means of communication and organization e.g. in order to meet people from all over the world, you can just set up a call, online meeting or video conference without leaving your apartment. New technology brings a lot of opportunities for those who know how  to make its use purposive and to make deliberate decisions which media to choose.

We would love to know what are your ways to achieve high demands of your career and personal responsibilities.


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