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Long weekend – 5 Golden Rules to Make It Work


How do you feel about the last long weekend? I know! It was too short!
I will be honest with you… a long weekend is a queen of holidays for me. Especially when you have a possibility for a short getaway. Of course you can practice so called ‘staycation’ (vacation at home), but a small trip for me works like a multi-vitamin cocktail injection with an extra dose of positive energy.

Recently, we spend three days in beautiful Taormina in Sicily – a place definitively worth visiting. This trip was exceptionally fulfilling, and it does not happen every time I spend three days away. I couldn’t helped but wonder why some long weekends are a blessing and the other ones are a curse. A long weekend can lift you up and recharge your batteries or it can leave you tired and disappointed. I came up with my 5 golden rules to come back relaxed and happy from a long weekend trip.

1. Make a plan

A long weekend it’s called long but actually it lasts three days only. I know you are tired of planning, your calendar at work is bursting at the seams… however I’ve noticed that planning just one activity per day, even if it is hanging out at the pool, or a walk, makes me feel better. I know I consciously planned my relaxation time and can enjoy it mindfully. No bad feeling, no regrets.




2. Turn off the sound

Don’t stress yourself with the sound of your mobile. Remember to switch off your alarm clock and take it easy in the morning. If you are scared to oversleep your breakfast, change your usual alarm to a nice song of your choice that evokes positive vibes in you. During the day, don’t forget that offline is a new luxury. Whether it’s a text message, an email or FB notification, you can put it on mute and enjoy the sound and the atmosphere of the place you’re visiting.



3. Break the routine

My job requires hours spent in front of the computer. Do you feel me? That’s why I try to spend my long weekends outdoors. I change passive into active. Do the opposite of what you usually do. Break the routine. Try new dishes. Visit unknown places. Talk to strangers!


4. Enjoy little things

Happiness can be found in the smallest things. Try to make yourself conscious of little pleasures that you are experiencing during the day. It might be a smile of a person walking in your direction, an exceptional taste of a coffee, a smell of a flower you spotted in a garden. More inspirations can be found here.  If it seems challenging for you, you can treat it as an experiment and capture with your camera all the little pleasures you encounter during the day. Look at the pictures below and above: I found a stone in a form of a heart. A tiny item, but gave me so much joy. You can do it too!



5. Bad weather? – What ever…

There is no bad weather, there is only inappropriate clothing. Check what kind of weather expects you, and take with you a waterproof jacket, or umbrella. Instead of complaining and dragging yourself down, concentrate on positives. You can still enjoy your holidays even if it’s cold outside. Find your own sunshine in you and it won’t let you down.



Share with us your tips on how to make your long weekend unforgettable. We want to hear from you! And if you are planning to go for longer break, here we gathered 6 Tips on how to Really Relax on Holidays.

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