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Pregnant and Fit. Why Physical Exercise while Pregnant is Important?

Feeling sick, having problems with sleep or swollen legs. Being pregnant can be really tough but it is really important to try to stay fit due to multiple reasons. Currently, I am 35 week pregnant expecting my first baby.  I am excited to welcome my baby girl soon. It’s even hard to imagine how my life will change, but I am looking forward to that sweet challenge. You can expect some parental blog content soon. I am happy to share with you some advise on how to find a balance.

As far as sport is concerned, I  am totally into fitness since my second trimester. Let me dispel some myths about being pregnant and fit. In the past there was a false idea of physical workout for future moms.  According to it pregnant women should take rest and resign from exercising. Currently this opinion is outdated. Slight modification of the intensity can increase positive well-being and make a future mom feel fit and attractive.

  1. Pregnant and fit- hard to combine?

Many pregnant woman, even if they were active before getting pregnant, stop following their fitness routines. Pregnant women tend to say that they will take care of loosing their baby weight after pregnancy. Personally, keeping exercising during pregnancy helps me to maintain feeling attractive. What is more, pregnant and fit women have a better body image. Future moms may tend to think of themselves in terms of beached whale rather than sexy mama.

Regular physical exercise brings multiple benefits. Most important are  increased blood circulation, improved body posture, and less  sleeping problems. As a mom-to-be it’s worth controlling your weight in order to easier get back into shape after you deliver. According to research , pregnant women should exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day, six days a week, if they do not have any medical reasons not to do so. Yea, I know that it sounds intense.  If you used to be active before getting pregnant, stick to gentle exercise. Yoga and pilates that will keep your body firm and into shape.

pregnant and fit

2.  Baby’s well-being is most important now.

According to John Medina in his bestseller, Brain Rules for Baby, How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five, physical exercise known as stress-reducer, keeps marauding glucocorticoids away from baby’s neurons and helps producing lots of brain-friendly chemicals that reduce the risk of clinical depression and anxiety disorders. In fact, staying fit during pregnancy will make your baby smarter. It will give them better memories and help to achieve higher scores on intelligence and language tests in the future. Being pregnant means feeling responsible for the two of us and it starts now.  Exercise regularly and give your baby the best gift he or she can get. Here you can find 4 ways to motivate yourself to regular physical activity.

3.  Concentrating on the labor.

It is unavoidable to think about your labor during nine months of expecting. Actually getting regular physical exercise can make your labor easier and shorter. As proven in the recent study conducted among pregnant and fit women who delivered vaginally, those who had continued training throughout their pregnancy experienced active labor for 4 hours and 24 minutes instead of 6 hours and 22 minutes for those who were not exercising while pregnant. Selecting such activity as swimming or prenatal yoga can teach you many useful relaxation techniques.  You can use them during a labor like breathing or meditation. Staying fit until the delivery will help you to better cope with the mother duties in first days of motherhood. Personally, I recommend to try out some of the prenatal exercise with Lara Dutta. This moderate exercise s prepared under guidance of prenatal yoga expert Tonia Clark. Ready- steady-go!

We would like to hear about your work out routines, regardless if you are pregnant or not.


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