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Pregnant at Work – How to Cope With It?

Being pregnant at work may not be easy for working women. Here are some tips how to manage this special circumstances of being pregnant at work place to ensure that your career stays intact if possible. I have worked until third trimester and want to share with you some areas that are crucial for you when you are pregnant and still active professionally.

  1. Pregnant at Work – Plan and Prepare 

There is nothing more irritating than hiding at work the fact that you are pregnant, especially if you are not feeling well. These difficulties will be easier to overcome if your manager knows about your current state. Once you feel comfortable, do not hesitate to share this news with your manager, so that you can plan both your time at work and maternity leave. Find out how to tell your boss you’re pregnant staying professional. Take care of informing your colleagues and key customers so that they can prepare and be introduced to your replacement. Remember that you are still expected to fulfill your duties, and should be able to handle your job the same way that you did before you were pregnant.

pregnant at work

  1. Office ergonomics

While pregnant it’s crucial to take care about your office ergonomics. Some tips on office ergonomics can be found here. When pregnant, you need to keep moving every two hours to keep your blood pressure right and prevent the feet from swelling. Do not forget about drinking water and eat regularly. This will keep your energy stable and mitigate morning sickness and drops in your blood sugar. I highly recommend to use an office footstool and seat cushion, which will be a great relief for your back when sitting for a long time.

  1. Dress for Less While Being Pregnant at Work

Bearing in mind the dress code at your office, try to dress comfortably. You can choose more loose clothing or oversize dresses that will not stretch over your tummy. Actually, you do not need to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, but rather choose some elastic or looser pieces from your current wardrobe. In my second trimester I have invested in some maternity jeans and tights with extra elastic band for growing belly.  I still used to wear my regular loose shirts and longer cardigans. Remember that these clothes will serve you well also later when loosing the post-baby weight. Ask your friends if they can borrow you some of their pregnancy clothes.

pregnant at work


  1. Pregnant at Work – Know your Rights

Are you a full-time or part-time employee? Or maybe you want to share your leave with baby’s father? Most mothers prepare extensive checklists for their baby’s arrival, but often they miss to cover a list of things to cover in the workplace when they are preparing to become a parent. In fact, new parents should be aware of their rights in the workplace in order to plan and make better use of their entitlements. Try to structure your leave to meet your expectations in terms of income. These are just some of the topics you need to discuss. You have right to keep being informed by your employer about the situations that may affect your role.

We would love to know what are your tips on how to handle your career while being pregnant?

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