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Take It Easy – How to Manage Stress During Pregnancy?

Yes, let’s face it – pregnancy can be stressful regardless if you are expecting your first or next child. What is more, if you are during your first pregnancy,  you may worry about the new situation you are feeling exciting and terrifying at the same time. Your body changes so quickly that you may have an impression that you are not controlling it. All these may result in increased stress during pregnancy that may affect the health of your growing baby. Especially dangerous is cortisol – stress hormone, which can cause or badly affect baby’s development or even preterm labor. As mom-to-be I would like to share with you some easy ways to cope with stress during pregnancy and enjoy more this special time in your life.


Take some time to reflect about what stresses you the most about your pregnancy. Are you feeling overwhelmed by your work or home duties? Are you taking enough care about your body and mind? Do you have time for your friends and family? You can try out some mind maps or meditation techniques to better understand what and why you’re feeling stressed during pregnancy? For me pregnancy is the first stage of changes that are connected with having a baby. Embrace it and try to find some time for yourself. I like to spend time on the pregnancy gymnastic that positively influences both my body and mind. Taking care of yourself, you are caring for your child. Try to find some remediation techniques that works for you and let you reduce your stress during pregnancy.

stress during pregnancy

Become Aware

New situation triggers stress. A perfect way to reduce it is to learn more about the pregnancy and what you can expect after your baby is born. Find other pregnant woman you can talk to about your concerns. Read some books and magazines to find out more about different scenarios of pregnancy. Do not be afraid to raise questions to your doctor or midwife. Realize what emotions you may feel. During pregnancy your mood can be driven by the hormones that flow in your body. Talk to your partner or friends about your feelings or treats so you can find peace. Do not let others tell you how you should feel or react. Every pregnancy is different and that’s normal.


Pregnancy is a special time in women’s life. You are no longer responsible just for yourself. Feeling tired, especially in the later weeks of pregnancy is normal, so it’s high time for you to learn how to relax and take rest. You do not need to take over all the responsibility by yourself but rather find helping hands among your family and friends. If you are still working, talk to your colleagues and manager about what you feel most stressful at your current position and try to minimize it e.g. business travel or presentations. Be honest if you do not feel like performing at 100 percent and your colleagues will appreciate your professional approach towards work. Feel entitled to find time for yourself at home. Do not feel guilty about it. Spend quality time with your beloved ones. You can also try some relaxation techniques or meditation and learn to let things go and free your mind.

stress during pregnancy

Stress During Pregnancy – Ask for Help

Pregnancy is supposed to be the happiest time of a woman’s life, but if you feel stressed, full of fear or anxiety for a long time, it might be the sign of depression. According to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists each forth woman will struggle with some symptoms of depression during pregnancy. Do not be afraid to talk to your doctor or a midwife or visit a therapist who can access if you need any special treatment.  Remember that you are doing this for you and your baby.  This is how I try to relax and mitigate stress during pregnancy:

  • get more sleep,
  • take physical excercise such as swimming or walking,
  • eat well,
  • treat myself with mini spa or massage,
  • try meditaion, yoga, or stretching,
  • find and join a support group of other expecting moms.

Take it easy and enjoy this special time!

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