5 Top Tips: How to Look Stylish in Summer

The beloved summer is there! Hot days can give you a hard time… who likes being sweaty and sticky at work?! You feel that you would like to wear hot pants and flip-flops, but your office dress code says definitively a ‘NO!’ to that. Don’t worry, we prepared 5 top tips for you on how to look stylish and classy at work in summer, even in very hot days.

1. Pastel colours are your best friend

Not only this season… pastel colours will look good during summer on you. Check your wardrobe and see what kind of pastel colours you have in there. Pastels give you a clean, stylish look and match perfectly lightly toned summer skin. Pay attention especially to white, beige, light blue, light pink and light grey. These colours work perfectly together and you can mix them as you want.


2. Say ‘Yes’ to a stylish dress

Dresses are THE ITEM of clothing to wear during summer. I can see advantages only: A) They are not only feminine, but also elegant, so they perfectly fit into the office dress code. B) I love the dresses for all for their practical side. A dress is a one piece of clothing and you don’t have to spend precious minutes in the morning on thinking on what kind of top or bottom you should wear. C) A summer dress is very airy which makes it perfect for hot days.

ATTENTION: Be careful and don’t wear too hippy dresses at work. They can make you look schlumpy. Also, remember to leave strapless dresses for the evening or weekend.

stylishDress, Zara (old collection)

3. Lift your outfit with accessories

Your black bag can rest for now. Make your summer look a stunner with colourful accessories. Even if at work you should stick to muted colours only, your handbag can still be an eye-turner!

Bag: Arlettis, Coccinelle 

4. Hide these toes

Do not wear flip-flops to the office under any circumstances! Also, sandals and any shoes showing toes are inappropriate in many offices. A safe option would be loafers, ballerinas or brogues. They not only look good, but are also very comfortable. You can easily combine them with pants, skirts and dresses.

Shoes, Maripe

6. It’s all about fabrics

Do you read the fabrics composition of clothes you want to buy? I learnt to do it when I was a child and it became a part of my shopping routine. What kind of fabrics would be great for summer? Everything what’s natural: cotton, silk, and line. In very hot days avoid: polyester, rayon and acrylic!

Do you have any other tips on how to look stylish this summer? We would love to hear them!

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