Announcing Pregnancy

Announcing Pregnancy – How to Find a Right Time?

Excited, scared, nervous – these are just a few of emotions you may feel when you discover that you are pregnant. You may either want to share the great news with the whole world or stay focused on the baby for the next months without talking much about it. You will eventually need to share this news with your family and work friends. The question appears when it is the right time to spread the good news in your private and professional life. The timing is very personal and depends on many factors. How to find the right moment for announcing pregnancy?  Here is a breakdown of points to consider in both situations:

Announcing Pregnancy

Announcing Pregnancy At Work

The idea of telling your boss about your pregnancy may make you feel scared. Definitely you need to prepare yourself for this conversation and find out the right timing.

  • It’s professional to tell your boss first, and then spread the good news among your colleagues at work, otherwise he or she may discover it by accident, which will put you in a very uncomfortable position.
  • Many woman consider telling it at the end of first trimester when the probability of miscarry becomes less plausible.
  • Some harmful or dangerous working conditions that may harm your baby should be considered.
  • Consider how your pregnancy will affect your job as this state can make a long business travels or flights not recommended.
  • Make thoughts about how long you would like to work and on what conditions – it’s crucial to know your rights.
  • You can be also asked by your boss about your maternity leave as this may impact many people at your workplace.
  • Here you can find out how to manage your pregnancy at work.
  • If your tummy starts be visible, you should definitely inform your boss.

Announcing Pregnancy

Announcing Pregnancy in Private Life

Your family and close friends may still appear very surprised hearing the big news, as it’s always a very exciting moment. You need to be aware that once said it this can be easily spread to further acquaintances and colleagues.

  • Telling early may provide you more support in early days that can be really tough.
  • On one hand, the sooner you tell about your pregnancy your friends, you can leverage from their experience and seek advice,
  • On the other hand, too much advice can be too overwhelming for you, especially if you do not feel very secure in the first trimester.
  • If you have had a bad experience with getting pregnant in the past, you may not ready to spread the news too early being afraid of miscarry.
  • Good news spread fast, so expect many people to learn about you expecting a baby in a short time.
  • Expecting a baby is a big deal so remember to take enough time to embrace this by yourself and enjoy this news with your partner and beloved ones first.

There is no ideal timing for announcing your pregnancy. You should seek support from your family and colleagues at work. Do not fell frightened as your friends and beloved ones will feel happy for you. Talking to your boss try to be open and honest. Being pregnant is good news and there is no need to feel sorry about it.

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