How to Style a Leather Skirt for Work?

When you think of a leather skirt – do you imagine it patent, mini, and tight? This kind of skirt that yells: ‘take me’ and is sexy and provocative? Let’s fight this stereotype!

leather skirt

I simply love leather skirts! A good quality leather skirt is this kind of item of clothing that you can wear for many years and it will not go out of fashion. If you want to, you could call it a fashion investment, like a good leather bag.

Today, I want to show you that a leather skirt can be a classy piece in your wardrobe that you can perfectly wear to the office. You just need to consider three main aspects – so let’s get started:

1. Leather Skirt: Length and tightness

It’s a general office rule that to work you shouldn’t wear shorter skirts than couple of centimeters above your knee. It’s more or less… and not everyone is taking it seriously… But with a leather skirt you need to be very careful and don’t overdo it. Don’t wear it too short as the length will often decide whether you look classy and powerful or provocative.

The same rule applies to tightness. A very tight skirt will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also not very professional. To check if a skirt is ‘appropriate’ for office you can make a sit-down test. Sit down in your leather skirt before you decide to wear it to work. Make sure you look neat and feel comfortable enough to spend in it around 8 hours. If not, I would suggest wearing it after work only.

leather skirt

2. Take it easy: Patterns & Gloss

Leather skirts with prints (especially with animal prints) can look very aggressive. I would definitively say a ‘no’ to that at work. Besides, patterns are more difficult to style. If you are at the beginning of your leather skirts journey, I would suggest starting with plain leather skirt – just not to give yourself more opportunities for a fauxpas.

What you definitively need to avoid are very glossy, especially patent leather skirts. If they are not a super high quality and you haven’t spent many dollars on them, they often break down very quickly and look schlumpy. Rather stick to naturally looking leather, even if it’s artificial.

leather skirt

3. A solid foundation: Colour

While red leather skirt can be a head-turner off duty, don’t even think of wearing it to work! If you ask me, I’d take neutral colours. White, beige, brown, black and navy are safe, classy and easy to style. They give you the basis and you can experiment more with tops, shirts, blouses and sweaters. Here you can find a navy leather skirt look that it’s easy to transform from day to night.

leather skirt

Let us know how you feel about leather skirts. Do you wear them to work?

leather skirt

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