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How to Be a Perfect Mom?

Real life as a mom can be really tought, especially at the beginning of the journey. It may not necessarily resemble the life of perfect mom that you have seen on pictures in social media. I am sure that as a young mom you would like to disappear sometimes. Here you can find a few ideas on how to stay balanced and fulfilled as a mom in order to raise a happy child.

Perfect mom does not exist

In social media there is this picture of a beautiful smiling perfect mom cuddling with her baby. You have set your expectations really high. Trust me, it will be hard to meet them. You are not able to play with the kid for the whole day and need some time just for yourself. Sometimes, especially if you are tired, you can lose your patience and forget about a perfectly cleaned house from the magazine. Healthy diet will keep you and your child full of energy. Do not expect to be able to create fancy bio meals that you can desire on Instagram. Try out some easy recipes, like granola energy bars or roasted nuts that will be especially handy when nursing. The pursuit of perfection will kill you as perfection is actually impossible to obtain. Many women with baby blues are perfectionists. They may feel guilty if they can’t do everything right and presume that other parents are better at it. Moms tend to impose unrealistic expectations upon themselves instead of try to be a happy parent. The truth is, that as a mom you do want for your child all what is the best. Only that matters.


Do not be afraid to ask for help

Of course as a mom you will know best what’s best for your baby, but try not to over commit by taking over all the responsibility connected with your house and family. Being a mom is a full time job. As research shows being a mom is the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs. Taking care of a child can keep you really busy so I encourage you to ask you partner or family for support. Try to assign household duties among the family. Especially try to engage your partner in taking care of the child so that you can always count on someone who may become your back up in case of some emergency. If you cannot count on your partner, ask your parents or friends for support with cooking or shopping. People often do not want to interfere and ask if you can handle all of it by yourself, so they will not be too direct. The key message is not be afraid to ask for help. Happy mom means happy child.

You are important, too!

You are a proud mom but also a woman, wife, friend, business woman. If you concentrate all your efforts on your role as a mom, you can feel overwhelmed, especially at the beginning of the journey with your child. You can even suffer from baby blues or  post partum depression if you put too much pressure on yourself. Let your friends bring dinner over or invite your sister to watch the baby so you can go shopping or get your nails done. Your needs as a woman are important, too. In my opinion it’s crucial to stay in touch with your friends, or other moms with whom you can share your experience, especially in hard times. Exercising regularly can boost your self-confidence and make you feel attractive even if you stay mostly at home during first weeks. Find out your passions and spend some time on them.


No one better then you will better understand your needs. Realize what will make you happy and go for it without feeling guilty. Baby can feel your emotions so taking care of keeping your mind positive, you are making your child happy.

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