What Employees Can Learn From a Young Mom?

Are you a young mom feel nervous about returning to work or considering changing it after your maternity leave? Actually there is no reason to feel frightened as during maternity leave you have developed many skills that make you even better employee or you can present during job interview.


As a mom you need to be super aware about your baby 24/7. Additionality there are so many day-to-day duties you need to handle. They cannot be easy to coordinate, especially when you are with a newborn on your side. Two thirds of mothers admit to multitasking every hour. After returning to work, handling numerous projects and work load in the same time will not be too challenging for you. Working under pressure is something you know from your daily life at home, so you are better prepared for accomplishing many tasks simultaneously.


Seeking Advice and Research

There are so many information you need to filter as a mother. You are thoroughly researching on different topics connected with your baby’s development and health and taking important decisions on a daily basis. Expect to use those skills after returning to work. You also need to be effective in fiding out relevant advice either online or in person. You need to learn how to manage different stressful situations that you may happen to you and your baby.


Communications Skills

I need to admit, communication with a baby is different that the one with clients or colleagues at work. But while raisng up a child you are improving your communication and negotiating skills. You can also learn how to become flexible and persistant in communication at the same time. If you are having a toddler, you are mastering your negotiating skills on a daily basis. Women are better listeners.Remember that for employers all those skills are highly appreiated.


Relationships and Team Spirit

Mothers are excellent at building relationships and show that they care, which can be very useful in business relationships with your clients. You are already working on managing stress while you are pregnant and this is just the start of taking over more responsibility in your life. These skills are also very useful in managing teams. In many companies democratic style where employees are invited to participate in making decisions is very popular. Careful balancing between the relationship matters and business issues can make you a great leader.



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