Professional Work Make-up – Tips from lookademy in Munich

Your company’s business dress code should not only be reflected in your clothing style, but also in your work make-up. I know many women struggle with it every day, especially if under time pressure. Which products to choose? How to apply them? What to resign from? I visited the lookademy in Munich to learn about professional work make-up. Alin, hair and make-up stylist and one of the owners of newly opened styling and make-up school, shared with me some top tips on how to make your make-up long-lasting and flawless. And here they are:

Professional Work Make-Up Top Tips:

  1. Choose a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation tone. That will make your eyes look even more alert and shiny.
  2. Your foundation should always match your skin tone perfectly. To achieve a light tanned effect in summer use a bronzer. A bronzer can be applied to your jawline, hairline and to the cheekbones.
    work make-up
  3. If your skin starts to shine quickly, use an oil-free makeup products. If you are leaning towards a dry skin, make-up cosmetics with oil is better.
  4. Before using an eye shadow remember to apply an eye shadow base. It will not only enhance the color of the eye shadow, but also make it stay longer and prevent it from rolling on your eye lids.
    work make-up
  5. In order to make your lipstick stay longer, always apply a lip liner on the entire lips not just along the edges. Then cover the lip liner with your favorite lipstick.
  6. Less is better: Remember that you do not need to put much make-up in order to look fresh and glowing. As soon as you know which colors suit you and which techniques work best for your skin type, a little bit of make-up will be enough to look great.

You can learn all the make-up tricks and techniques and much more by attending one of the lookademy workshops and courses. 

work make-up

work make-uplookademy uses Beni Durrer make-up products.
Beni Durrer is one of the most famous German make-up artists, that developed his own make-up brand. 

Do you have any well-proven tricks for your professional work make-up or maybe any questions to Alin from lookademy? Share your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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