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Managing a Baby with An App? – Baby Manager App Review

Too many details?

As a young, sleep deprived mom I was surprised how many details of your baby e.g. nursing, breastfeeding, diapers changing etc., you are supposed to track on a daily basis. Especially if your daily routine is not fixed yet, you may need some help. And here it is: Baby Manager app that was recommended to me by a friend.


Getting control

With this app you can easily track your baby’s activity to make sure that everything is under control. For me it still is a great help and I still use it on a daily basis for my two-month-old daughter. As we know, babys like routine and thanks to the Baby Manager app you can discover this scheme much easier.


Why Baby Manager App?

Personally, I tend to use it from the first days when my daughter, Barbara, was born. I have started with writing down the time when she was fed and monitored the frequency of feeding slots. Then I have added further functionalities e.g. tracking the increase of baby’s weight and writing down how long she was sleeping. What I like most about the app are the reminders that you can adjust to your baby needs. Additionally, you can easily share the details of the activity with your partner or other person who will take care of your child.  This is also especially useful when you are visiting a doctor or a mid-wife.

Summing it, I highly recommend Baby Manager app for young moms as myself, who want to work on some routine with their babys in order to better manage their time. It is also very useful for fathers who wish to get more involved into the schedule of their children and help in taking care of them. I highly encourage you to share the app with your partner and family. I would love to know what apps you as a parent would recommend?

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