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Post-Holiday Skin Care Tips

Holidays often mean sunbathing, partying, tasty eating and drinking, which means a lot of fun. But not necessarily for your skin.  After holiday it’s time to revitalize your skin and help it to recover. Here are my four post-holiday skin care tips how to handle your skin to keep the holiday glow.

Soothe and nourish your skin 

Even after holiday keep on using a light cream with a high level of UV protection. Find a cream that will be suitable for delicate, sensitive skin that might be likely irritated by the sun. During all seasons I use  protection moisturising Cream SPF 20.  What I like the most about it is its non-bleaching formula that combines protection against harmful UV rays with active skin care and matt finish. Post-holiday skin care should be based on proper hydration. Look for a revitalizing moisturizer to fight dryness, nourish your skin, and replenish and lock in moisture. I recommend Bandi Anti-aging cream that relieves irritating external factors the skin is exposed to on a daily basis. Microcollagen, vitamin C and rutin have anti-aging properties. This is a great step towards preventing premature degradation.





Repair skin damage  

Use a rich serum to hydrate and protect your skin. Look for a cosmetics containing vitamin C that evens tone, brightens discolourations and eliminates the appearance of dull and tired skin. It restores the skin its radiance, rejuvenates it, improves the synthesis of collagen.  My choice is Oil cocktail with active vitamin C. It contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and ferment oil extracted from angelica plant that have strong antioxidant properties. Such ingredients prevent imperfections and protect the skin against the effects of environmental pollution.


Limit Make-Up 

After holidays you might have got some tone, so it’s time to focus more on skincare rather than make-up. Auctually you do not need much. Use bronzer to warm your cheekbones, and put it on your eyelids, too. Time after holidays is a great opportunity to get some extra use of a bronzer, to get the fresh, glowing face. Instead of using a foundation, I tend to even my skintone with a illuminating base. Such base is great post holiday skin as it make it look smoother and brighter by reducing the visibility of fine lines.


Feed your skin 

Drink more water. Personally, I try to start each morning with drinking warm water with honey and lemon. This helps flush toxins from your body. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits that will help your skin to push toxins out in order to keep skin clean. Remeber to eat good fats that you can find e.g. in olive oil and avocados. Limit sugar from your diet.  After a week you should notice  that your skin looks glowing and fresh.




Let us know what are yours favourite products to use after holiday?

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