4 items for looking good when you are a young mom

The fact that you are a stay at home mom does not mean that you must resign from stylish clothes. Just in opposite, it’s all about items that will make you look stylish and very comfortable at the the same time. Now that I have a baby to carry around, I desire a shoe that is a bit more stable and wearable for long hours. I found great T-shirt and sweathirt in order to feel comforatable.

1. It’s all about denim

Mom jeans, which are high-waisted and often featured with crop top, are back again. Good jeans are essential to a mom’s wardrobe. If you are not a fan of mom jeans, find a handful of pairs that are comfortable and make your legs and butt look attractive. Invest wisely in good quality denim and make the most of the use.  Personally I always look for jeans with elastane, which are more super comfy, especially when carrying a baby. The skinny jeans may look fantastic with both high-heeled booties, but they can also work with flats. Find out the denim shade that suits many outfits and make you look as a stylish mom.


2. Comfy but stylish

Shoes are one of the most important details in your look. A great pair of shoes can change the way you walk and feel. As a mom I love flats or 5 centimeter heels that make me look just a little taller as even a small heel can make a huge difference. Wedges were my summer choice. Currently, I just adore snickers that perfectly complement each everyday look. Do not let your snickers stay unnoticed.


3. T-Shirt rulez

Grab those amazing jeans and pair them with a cool T-shirt. The variety is just enormous. You can either wear some energetic colour like magenta, which has been chosen the 2018 fall colour, or select a nice print that will say something about you. I love a good baisc t-shirts, but don’t be afraid to try a pattern sometimes — French stripes and florals are both trending right now, so there are lots of options.


4. Soft and comfortable

A fancy sweatshirt and jeans are a classic outfit not only for lazy weekends. If you style your look with a graphic print you can look chic enough for a day in town. It all starts with a fun sweatshirt inspired by your favourite movie slogan and some ripped jeans and you are ready to go. For a more feminine touch try pairing a floral sweatshirt with light wash boyfriend jeans.


In order to look and feel great you need to accept your body and your lifestyle.  Ask a trusted friend what looks best on your body and stock up on that style. Remember that fashion is all about fun! What are your favourite items you wear to look amazing and stylish as a mom?

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