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Turtleneck sweater can be a great basic item of clothing in your autumn and winter wardrobe. It does not only keep you warm but also classy. No wonder that, a style icon Audrey Hepburn loved to wear them in official photographs.

How did it start?

The history of turtleneck-like garments goes back to the 15th century and they have been worn for hundreds of years. Since the late 19th century, turtleneck sweaters were commonly worn by menial workers, sportsmen, sailors and officers. At first, they have been reserved for men only. Since the middle of the 20th century black turtleneck sweaters have been closely associated with academics, philosophers, and artists. Their adoption by Noël Coward, English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer, in the 1920s turned turtleneck sweaters into a brief middle-class fashion trend. Feminists made them into a unisex item.

How to style a turtleneck sweater?

What I love about turtleneck sweaters is that they are so transformative and diverse. You can combine them with anything in any cut, wide and tight: jeans, pants, skirts, you can wear it even under a short-sleeves dress. While styling, it’s important to choose a turtleneck sweater in a colour that you really look good in, as it is close to your face and can make you look very pale or ill-looking.

Here is a proposition on how I like to style a turtleneck sweater. Just a simple, casual style with jeans and a blazer. Does a turtleneck sweater have a vast place in your fall and winter wardrobe? Let us know!

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Turtleneck sweater

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Turtleneck sweaterTurtleneck sweaterTurtleneck sweaterTurtleneck sweater


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