Work Look of the Day – Red Ready?

The psychology of color states that each color has a cultural meaning and bring a specific emotional resonance. For example, while wearing blue clothes we can make make us look more approachable or by wearing black create a distance. And how about red?

Red symbolizes luck in Eastern cultures such as China. It is a color of energy, passion and action. However, through its intensity as well as connotation with sexuality and love, it is not the first choice for an office attire. It can quickly look too aggressive and dominant. So does it mean we should for sure 100 % avoid wearing red to work?

Red in the office?

It all depends what kind of office job you have and what does your company’s dress code allows. So make sure you are aware what is acceptable by your employer. If you work in a very traditional company but love red, go for small red accessories: a scarf, a brooch or a classic handbag. A great option for red lovers that work in a conservative environment is to have red outer wear: a coat or a jacket that you take off as soon as you get to the office. If you, as I, work in a less conservative company and your job has a creative character, you can easily wear red to work. My experience? I simply love it! I feel self confident in red. Red clothes give me energy and boost my positive mood. Would I wear a total red look to the office? Maybe 🙂 For now I put together an outfit with three red pieces: shoes, sweater and coat combined with natural sandy trousers and a brown leather bag. Would you wear an outfit like that to your office? Let us know!

Don’t forget this weekend is Black Friday and you can get all the items in a better price. All outfit details are below. Check out the tab STYLE on our blog for more balanced outfits and get inspired.

DSC03135Coat, Hallhuber (old collection)| Sweater, Mango | Trousers, H&M | Belt, Vintage | Shoes, Pier One | Bag, Vintage





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