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Overknees are one of ‘the trends’ this season. A pair of neutral, classy and comfortable overknees can be a substitute for your old boots. They go with skirt, dresses and tight trousers or jeans. Overknees are the eye-catcher and can make your outfit stand out instantly, however finding a fitted pair might be a challenge. I noticed it while I was searching for my own overknees. I tried on several pairs in the city and also ordered couple of them online. Eventually, I decided to go for black overknees from Pinto Di Blu. They are very comfortable and elegant. Because of my struggles, I decided to put together a short guide that will help you remember about all the important factors you need to consider prior to overknees purchase.


Overknees,  Pinto Di Blu | Turtleneck, Zara | Leather skirt, Stradivarius
Coat, Hallhuber | Bag, Przywara-Strzalka 

1.  Are they easy to put on?

If you notice that it takes you couple of minutes to actually put overknees on, don’t buy them. They will only annoy you. You should be able to slip on easily and take them off within seconds.

2. Do they have the right length?

Check if your overknees have a right length, they should be long enough to cover your knee entirely. Make also sure that they’re not too long – it can quickly look classless and they can tear into your tights, which might be uncomfortable or even painful.


3. Do they slide down?

Make sure to try out walking with your overknees on, before you buy them, as some badly profiled models slide down easily. My suggestion would be to look for overknees that you can tie up on your tights. You can regulate them as you wish, and make sure they do not slide down. If you already bought overknees that slide down, you can wear a thick pair of overknee socks, which should help against sliding.

4. Can you combine them with clothes in your wardrobe?

Overknees can be consider extravagant. If you want to wear them to work and to everyday outfits I would suggest to look for a black, brown or a beige pair – they are the easiest to start with and it won’t be challenging to combine them with other items in your wardrobe.

Do you have overknees in your wardrobe? Are keen on buying them now?



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