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Christmas Gift Guide – 10 Non Clutter Ideas

Giving is an important part of Christmas. How do you balance giving without adding to the avalanche of clutter? The answer is to give a ‘non-stuff’ gift or a very useful consumable gift that doesn’t end up as clutter. Here are our untimate 10 non-clutter ideas:

1. Subscription

Subscriptions are a great gift. The key to bring a lot of pleasure and it doesn’t turn into clutter is to consider someone’s interest e.g. Netflix, movies or magzine subscription for few months or whole year.


2. Tickets

Tickets to a play, concert, sports event, gallery opening, movie tickets – with event tickets, you’re giving memories not stuff. Think local.

3. Experiences

A day at the spa will always be a hit. If your budget is tight, devise your own experiences. For example, you could invite a friend to an experience of a picnic, home spa or your own wine tasting at your place.


4. A meal out

A meal out with some special person that is being admired is another way to give an experience gift. It can be also a meal at someone’s favourite place or just a dinner with…you 🙂

5. Food

Food gifts can either be special items that the recipient enjoys but wouldn’t normally buy e.g. special wspirits or exotic spices, or homemade gifts e.g. your home made special cake that everyone is craving for 🙂


6. Gift cards

Gift cards enable the receiver to buy something they actually want or need. Make your gift card personalised by tailoring it to the person for example, manicure gift card for a girl friend or coffee gift card for a coffee lover.

7. Charity

Got a family member who is charity fan? Donating can be also a Christmas present. Donating even a little sum of money e.g. for homeless animal shelter will still warm their hearts. Don’t forget to get a confirmation of your donation.


8. Music playlist

It’s time to do some research on Spotify or Tidal.  Show your friend how much you really know them by recommending them songs or artist that will change their lives for better or remind them of some special moments.

9. Your skills

What skills do you possess that the receiver may need? Why not make up a voucher for your skills e.g. you can help bake a birthday cake. Think about the person you are gifting your skills to – what would they need help with and how can you make things easier for them?


10. Ask

If you want to buy a special gift for someone, make sure you get it right by asking them. Granted, it isn’t always appropriate to ask the recipient, but try to ascertain specifically what it is they need or want, so they are not gifted with something they don’t want.

What are your ideas for non clutter gifts?



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