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Get Specific in 2019 – Happy New Year!

We all hope that 2019 will be better. Some of us will set up the worn out resolutions to eat better, exercise more, work less just to find out that a month later you are leading the same life you had last year.

There is one thing to remember about resolutions: they need to be specific as possible, because a resolution is simply a plan. If you set up a vague goal you will never reach it as you haven’t defined it precisely enough and don’t understand why you actually want to reach it. Here is a list of my 9 specific resolution ideas or rather goals that can also improve YOUR work-life balance next year. I divided them in three categories: balanced style, balanced body and mind and balanced career. I also included the time frames to make it easier to plan. Take a look, maybe there is something in it for you!


Resolutions for balanced Style

1. Throw away regularly all damaged or worn out items from your closet. Make sure you look neat. Every piece that has small holes, has faded or yellowed, doesn’t fit anymore – it’s too big or too tight, lost its form – needs to leave your closet. Get rid of uncomfortable shoes! Don’t have any sentiments. If you struggle with deciding what should stay and what should go, listen to the audiobook of Mari Kondo, a professional ‘house organizer’ giving some great tips on decluttering.
When: At the beginning of each season: January, April, July, October.

2. In 2019 invest only in quality fabrics that fit your style. Be conscious of what you buy. It will not only keep your wardrobe in balance but also your expenses. Besides, having less clothes can help you define your style, the more you have the more confused you get. How to define what is a good quality item? It depends on you. I for example set up some limits, i.e. I read tags: everything with polyester and acrylic won’t find a place in my kart. Define what quality means to you, make a list and stick to it every time you go shopping. E.g. For me a timeless quality piece could be a white 100% cotton or silk shirt or blouse.
When: Prepare your ‘high quality fabrics’ list in January, stick to it all year long.

3. Get a stylish mug and bottle. Don’t buy any take a way coffee in plastic or paper cups. Use your own on-the-go mug instead – it is a small step towards zero or rather less waste – we only have one

planet. The same applies to bottled water. For hot drinks I use a stylish Contigo mug; for water I go for the Water-To-Go bottle.
When: Get it in January – the sooner the better and use it all year long.


Resolutions for balanced Body and Mind

4. Drink a glass of water before each meal. I struggle with hydrating myself. I either don’t feel the thirst or forget to drink and remind myself the minute I get headache and feel tired. Water improves our concentration, mood and performance. That‘s on the top of my list.
When: Every day before every meal

5. Measure your strengths. Take the Gallup test and check out what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can elevate them in your private and career life.
When: Set up a specific month to make the test in 2019, e.g. February.

6. Get more flexible with a specific goal. Stretching is as much important as cardio or strength training. It reliefs your body from tension and reduces stress. Set up a specific stretch goal for 2019, e.g. make a split, learn a hand stand, make a bridge, or if you are less advanced: get your fingers to the floor without banding the knees or feel comfortable in a camel pose. You define your goal – make sure to stay persistent and stretch twice a week or more to see results in 2019.
When: At least twice a week. You can book some time in your calendar for it e.g. every Tuesday and Thursday between 7am-7:30am.


Resolutions for balanced Career

7. Send at least one thank you note a month. Thanking your colleagues and teams is extremely important, they might not always feel that you value their contribution. Take time each month to evaluate their performance and say thank you for their hard work. It could be a help with a project, an extra mile taken to meet the deadline, or something untangle like a positive attitude and a smile on their face in the office, which makes the atmosphere much more pleasant. Receiving thank you cards motivates, and giving them feels good, too!
When: Once a month, e.g. set up a reminder in your Outlook to send a card every last day of a month.

8. Attend at least one professional conference – professional conferences related to your job not only can broaden your horizons, you can learn how it‘s done in other companies, discover new trends but also meet new people and build up your network. Think about a subject from your area that interests you, check out online the events that happen in 2019 and get your ticket!
When: At least once a year. You can look for a conferences already and book time in your calendar for you to attend.

9. Attend a professional training. Upgrading your qualifications is one of the things that can help you upgrade your current position. Ask your employer what kind of training  you can attend, or make a research yourself and prepare a training list with prices and some argumentation why would it be worth for you to attend them. That’s exactly what I’ve done in my previous job and what my boss agreed to cover, over-exceeded my expectations. If a class room training is not an option you can always attained online courses. offers great selection of paid and free online classes from some top universities – you can also get a certifications. So just take a look and go ahead!
When: At least once a year. You can think of a less busy month in your business, e.g. July when people tend to be on holidays and find a training already for that time frame.

No matter what your resolution will be we want to wish you a Happy New Year and balanced 365 days in 2019! 

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