The Valentine’s Day Outfit – Summer Clothes in Winter

Love is in the air! Or maybe it’s just us looking for the first signs of spring? Valentine’s Day is a great chance to add something fresh to your wardrobe. If you are going out on Valentine’s Day it’s obvious that you want to look stunning. The good news is that you do not need to invest in new clothes for this special occassion. Dig out some of your summer items! Here are our 3 clothing ideas inspired by summer that help you to look romantic but will also keep you warm.

Summer Dress

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to try to style a summer dress into bohemian look. Midi lenght is just perfect for that. Floral print is not just for summer anymore – it can look just as pretty in the winter months. Pair it with some oversized sweather with rolled sleeves or a denim jacket. I went for a leather jacket that I love to wear in all the seasons.

Top Tip: If you choose a similar colours of a dress and a sweater you can look even more elegant and put together.

Mini Skirt

Key to this look is layering. Mini skirt will look amazing with black turtleneck and rocker-style jacket. Mini skirt will look great also with a long sweater, boxy blazer, or even a crop top.

Top Tip: Over-knee boots are just perfect to complement that look and keep you warm.

Sheer Blouse

Layers are a key for transitioning your wardrobe. You can try layering with almost any article of clothing. To a summer sheer blouse you’ve been wearing in the summer, you can add a sweather, blazer, or a denim jacket with a scarf.

Top Tip:  Use a belt to keep the under-layers more fitted and your look more neat.

Let us know what are your ideas to transform summer items into all-year wearable pieces? We wish you a warm, sunny Valentine’s Day!

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