How to Wear Red Lipstick to Work?

Red lipstick. Each of us have at least one in our make-up collection. It’s very powerful and can make you feel more confident. This statement make-up item can help you express yourself in very feminine way. We tend to spare this for special occasions e.g. a night out or an elegant dinner, but definitely not for work. It is often said that you cannot wear red lipstick to work but is it really a no-go?

Who run the world?

Feeling confident at work is a key. Especially if you work with external clients. Studies show that women who have been wearing red lipstick to work feel that people pay more attention to the words coming out of their mouth. Men spent most time fixated on a woman’s lips when she was wearing red lipstick (7.3 seconds). Pink lipstick captured the viewer’s attention for 6.7 seconds, and no lipstick for 2.2 seconds. However, if your confidence is low, wearing red lipstick can have the opposite effect. Conclusion: when you feel confident, you perform better at work.
So wear red lipstick if it enhances your confident, and let it go if it doesn’t.

Keep it simple

The key to obtain a professional look wearing red lipstick at work, is to balance it out with the other elements of your make-up and outfit. Heavy make-up at the offie is a no-go, unless you are a make-up artist. If you decide to go for a red lipstick, try to keep your make-up minimalistic e.g. using black liner and pop of blush on your cheeks. Pay attention to how you apply the lipstick. Before you start doing your make-up apply a nourishing balm. If your lips are chapped or dry, gently exfoliate them. Apply lipstick before you apply your lip liner. If you want a precise look, use a lip brush to work the formula into your lips. It’s important to use a lip liner that’s not lighter than your lipstick as it will make your lips look smaller.

It’s all about balance

Red lipstick is very universal and will look different depending what you wear. Let red lips to draw all the attention and plan to wear more subtle colours e.g. black, whites or beige and classic outfits e.g. simple dress or classic suit. Personally, I love wearing red lipstick with white shirt or V-neck top. I have an impression that this combination of white and red compliments my complexion. You never know when you might need it to transform your look from day to night by just putting bold red lipstick on. The great thing is also that when wearing red lipstick you can wear it with an insanely boring outfit and still look great! Sounds like a life-saver for me!

Many ways to wear a red lipstick

If you have not found a perfect red lipstick keep on searching as there are so many colours and products from a gloss or matte finish to sheer tints. Know your work environment. Observe if and how your boss or colleagues wear it and get inspired. Play with formulas and textures. In my opinion the safest texture of red color lipstick would be red matte with fine finish. The new Chanel lipstick textures are non transferable, and stay on for hours so you can focus on your work and not touch ups.

You can also create your own lipstick that is just right for you. Take a look at this short video demonstrating how it works and discover if this kind of beauty service is available in your city. I would love to prepare my customized lipstick in Warsaw at theLip Lab studio.

I hope that you can agree with me that a red lipstick at work can be a good idea unless you keep it classy and simple. No other colour on your lips give you so much confidence so use it! Go girl!

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