By The Pool – Snake Patterned Beach Wear Set

Our stay in Turkey was very active. We changed locations and took six flights within ten days! We’ve been sightseeing Istanbul on foot, hiked and took a quad tour in Cappadocia, finally in Antalya there was some time to relax. A great experience was hamam, traditional Turkish bath, followed by a peeling, face mask and a full body massage. Loved it! But we also spent one day at the pool, talking, reading and taking pictures. I wore a beach wear set over my bikini: a long skirt knotted on one side and a crop top knotted in the front. The snake pattern is the trend of this season, but I am sure I am going to wear it not only this summer!

Snake Patterned Bustier & Snake Patterned Skirt |Koton
Bikini,  Top & Bottom | Calzedonia

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