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Be the Heroine of Your Own Story – My Perfect Laptop Bag

Work or study without a laptop? Hardly possible to imagine!

When I just started working I received a laptop bag from my employer, a black, textile bag which is practical but really ugly. I am sure many of you know what I am talking about 😉 So when I went to the office I had to carry two bags with me as all my other personal belongings like a purse, keys, cosmetic bag, hair brush etc. did not fit in my laptop bag. I didn’t want to settle with this solution and started looking for a bag that would be fashionable, solid and big enough for all my items I want to carry with me to the office.

I looked online and the majority of the bags just did not meet my expectations. They were either not looking fashionable, had a bad quality, didn’t have the extra space for laptop, charger, headphones or were not able to protect all the electronic devices I needed for my work.

After a proper research I bombed into the brand Maison Héroïne. The company’s vision fits perfectly my blogs’s themes of balancing work and life, being beautiful and practical at work and after work:

The confluence of work and leisure shapes the life of the modern woman. A Notebook or tablet is their daily companion. Maison Héroïne’s vision is to create premium handbags with smart designs that accompany and support the modern woman in every kind of situation. The designs of the Milanese designer Marta Vitali combine elegance and function at the highest level. A handbag from Maison Héroïne is both, a statement piece and an organizational talent. Without having to compromise, they underline the individuality of their wearer, complete their outfit and organize their everyday lives.

The bag I order is the most beautiful office bag I’ve ever possessed and seen. It’s made out of Italian grey leather, has a beautiful pink lining, and a separate compartment for my laptop and other accessories. There is also a space with a zip for important belongings like wallet, small pockets for a lipstick and mobile phone.

It’s handle is very solid and it has also a longer stripe so you can wear it across your body. The colour combination suits winter darker colors and also summer and spring time. There are only two small disadvantages I would like to point out: the high price, they offer discount from time to time so if you are interested and planning to buy a Heroine bag watch out for sale or… a special occasion (it was my b-day present from me to me). What I miss in this bag are also small stems on which you could put the bag to make sure it does not get dirty.

The brand offers various models and colors in different sizes and prices. For smaller and bigger laptops or tablets. The model I have is called Marlene (15″) and I’ve been using it for nearly half a year and wanted to try it out before writing any recommendation. But I can certainly say it did not disappoint me. I take it with me for my business trips to the train of when I cycle to work. I receive many compliments and questions about the bag every time I am having it with me!

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