Remote work – how to fully benefit from it

Remote work allows you to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be executed in a specific place in order to be done successfully. Remote work is a great privilege, but… to be able to use it to the fullest, you need to set up some rules and work out some habits. Thanks to them your remote work will be efficient and more pleasant for you.

I’ve been working remotely for around two years now and really love the freedom and being able to plan my day independently and choose from where I want to work. All I need is my laptop and internet access. When people hear that I work remotely, they often say ‘Oh cool…’ and then ‘But how do you do it?’ comes out of their mouth. So I want to share some tips on remote work based on my own experience:

So here we go:

1. Organize your space!

Make sure your remote working space is comfortable enough to do your job properly. These are just the basics: If working from home for example: have a desk or a table for yourself. Take care of a good internet connection. Get a headset to make sure you understand the people on the line and they understand you without any interruption.

2. Be public ready!

If working in public places like airports and cafes and handling confidential information put a screen protector on your monitor to prevent other people from seeing what is displayed. You will feel comfortable that you do not share by mistake any data with random people.

3. Walk and talk…

If you don’t have a meeting where you need to present or be in front of your laptop. If your meeting requires only speaking and you feel comfortable with walking and talking and you don’t get destructed do it! I sometimes take a walk when I have status calls. I can freely participate in them and move a bit which is great if you work from home and don’t have to travel to the office. Make sure you have a good internet connection and your phone is charged so it won’t disconnect you.

4. Take breaks!

This sounds strange to remind yourself about taking breaks, but if you work from home you might loose the sense of time and work straight without breaks. In the office you will go out for lunch or take a coffee break with your co-workers, so make sure you do it at home too, to give your brain some time to recharge. You will see that breaks effect your productivity positively. And yes! You can make a laundry, it’s not a sin when you work from home! It’s up to you how you use your time during a break.

5. Group your tasks in blocks!

This method works for me. I work a lot with North America and have many calls in the afternoon. Therefore, if possible I try to set up all my calls for the afternoon to focus on them and do my work in the morning when my brain is fresh.

6. Use your time flexibility!

It is so much more convenient when you can plan your working hours yourself. Sometimes when I know I will need to stay online longer that particular day, I have a slow start in the morning and use the time for my own activities such yoga, slow breakfast or catch-up call with my friends.

7. Get out to people!

Working from home or remotely can sometimes makes you feel alone and disconnected from your company. It’s great to go to the office or meet your colleagues from time to time to stay in touch, it’s not only beneficial for your networking but also for your well-being. Even though my direct team is based in the UK and US, I go to my local Munich office every Wednesday and have lunch with my Munich colleagues.

8. Inform others!

Inform your co-workers about your travel schedule, so you don’t feel stressed. When travelling in the plain for example, you can perfectly work, you might not have the internet connection, so plan to work on some offline tasks during the flight to use your time most efficiently.

I am curious – do you have a possibility to work from home or remotely? How often do you do that and what are your best practices?


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