Lovely to have you here! KPI-Life is a blog about creating and maintaining work-life balance, which leads to greater satisfaction and happiness in your life. On my blog you can find tips on how to make smart decisions related to career, style, body & mind. I provide you with secrets on how to simplify your life and make a better effort to care for yourself inside and out.

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance means something different to everyone and it’s about wise choices. Drawing a definitive boarder between professional and private life is simply impossible. Balance isn’t about building a strict distinction between those sphere, but finding ways to connect and integrate those areas.

Why KPI-Life?

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators in corporate language, which I deal with at work on a daily basis. We opt for quality not only in our professional, but also in private lives. We are constantly looking for self-improvement in these both areas. For us KPI means Know-How, Passion & Inspirations.

Who am I?

Kaja | made in Poland | lives in Munich | marketer | communications manager | journalist | quadrilingual | creative and artistic soul | fashion lover | lived in five different countries | obsessed with traveling and art| into yoga, mindfulness and meditation | took part in hip-hop dance world championship | can still make a split

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