• Career

    Remote work – how to fully benefit from it

    Remote work allows you to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be executed in a specific place in order to be done successfully. Remote work is a…

  • Style

    Floral jumpsuit – Sunset at Esquinzo Playa

    I am totally into jumpsuits! They’re sexy, cheeky, comfy and nonobvious. Call me crazy, but I love to wear jumpsuits in summer as they bring with them this kind of a lightness and naughtiness that a dress or pants don’t…

  • Style

    Dinner Ready – Romantic Floral Maxi Skirt

    For the dinner I wore a floral maxi skirt and a brown top from H&M from the newest collection. I love maxi skirts for the summer, you not only look very feminine in them but also feel comfortable. A simple…

  • Style

    Overknees – Purchasing Guide

    Overknees are one of ‘the trends’ this season. A pair of neutral, classy and comfortable overknees can be a substitute for your old boots. They go with skirt, dresses and tight trousers or jeans. Overknees are the eye-catcher and can…

  • Work-life balance

    9 Work-Life Balance Benefits You Can Get from Your Employer

    Innovative companies acknowledge the importance of work-life balance and creation of a healthy work environment for their employees. Balanced employees are more motivated and less stressed at work which leads to greater productivity and efficiency. A work place that allows…

  • Stress management
    Body & Mind

    Easy Stress Management Techniques

    ‘I am so stressed’ – when was the last time you whispered this phrase to yourself? We hear a lot about stress and its consequences. So how about preventing the feeling of stress instead? Being stress-proof won’t happen overnight, but…

  • creativity

    Unlock Your Creativity

    Employers value employees that think out of the box, are able to find unconventional solutions, and don’t settle for a standard. They look for creativity. We know that some individuals have a more creative personality than others. But is it possible to…