• Style

    Work Look of the Day – Red Ready?

    The psychology of color states that each color has a cultural meaning and bring a specific emotional resonance. For example, while wearing blue clothes we can make make us look more approachable or by wearing black create a distance. And…

  • Style

    Work Look of the Day – Turtleneck Sweater

    Turtleneck sweater can be a great basic item of clothing in your autumn and winter wardrobe. It does not only keep you warm but also classy. No wonder that, a style icon Audrey Hepburn loved to wear them in official…

  • Career

    Fulfilled mom at work – Interview with Mother Therapist

    Fulfilled mom at work – is it possible? Do I need to choose between my career and my baby? Aleksandra Silenska is a psychologist, psychotherapist and blogger known as  Mother Therapist.  She actively works with children, adults and pairs supporting…

  • Work-life balance

    9 Work-Life Balance Benefits You Can Get from Your Employer

    Innovative companies acknowledge the importance of work-life balance and creation of a healthy work environment for their employees. Balanced employees are more motivated and less stressed at work which leads to greater productivity and efficiency. A work place that allows…

  • flight

    Airport tips for balanced business and private trips

    Flying revolutionised traveling, made the world smaller and our lives easier. Unless you are a frequent flyer, some of the airport rules and rituals might be still unclear. I am experienced in this after visiting many airports in three continents.…

  • Body & Mind

    Post-Holiday Skin Care Tips

    Holidays often mean sunbathing, partying, tasty eating and drinking, which means a lot of fun. But not necessarily for your skin.  After holiday it’s time to revitalize your skin and help it to recover. Here are my four post-holiday skin care…

  • Stress management
    Body & Mind

    Easy Stress Management Techniques

    ‘I am so stressed’ – when was the last time you whispered this phrase to yourself? We hear a lot about stress and its consequences. So how about preventing the feeling of stress instead? Being stress-proof won’t happen overnight, but…

  • Style

    Total Denim Look

    I have always loved jeans, but never tried to wear a total denim look.  As a young mom, I wear jeans almost everyday. So why should I limit the fabric, I adore? Today I present to you my outfit for…

  • Style

    Pencil Skirt Loves Shirt

    If you are wondering what to wear for work, pencil skirt is always a good idea. Pecil skirt is perfect choice for work as you can match it with elbow-length blouse or clasic shirt, like I did, and pumps for a business…