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    Remote work – how to fully benefit from it

    Remote work allows you to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be executed in a specific place in order to be done successfully. Remote work is a…

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    Be the Heroine of Your Own Story – My Perfect Laptop Bag

    Work or study without a laptop? Hardly possible to imagine! When I just started working I received a laptop bag from my employer, a black, textile bag which is practical but really ugly. I am sure many of you know…

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    Fulfilled mom at work – Interview with Mother Therapist

    Fulfilled mom at work – is it possible? Do I need to choose between my career and my baby? Aleksandra Silenska is a psychologist, psychotherapist and blogger known as  Mother Therapist.  She actively works with children, adults and pairs supporting…

  • Work-life balance

    9 Work-Life Balance Benefits You Can Get from Your Employer

    Innovative companies acknowledge the importance of work-life balance and creation of a healthy work environment for their employees. Balanced employees are more motivated and less stressed at work which leads to greater productivity and efficiency. A work place that allows…

  • creativity

    Unlock Your Creativity

    Employers value employees that think out of the box, are able to find unconventional solutions, and don’t settle for a standard. They look for creativity. We know that some individuals have a more creative personality than others. But is it possible to…

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    What Employees Can Learn From a Young Mom?

    Are you a young mom feel nervous about returning to work or considering changing it after your maternity leave? Actually there is no reason to feel frightened as during maternity leave you have developed many skills that make you even better…

  • Announcing Pregnancy

    Announcing Pregnancy – How to Find a Right Time?

    Excited, scared, nervous – these are just a few of emotions you may feel when you discover that you are pregnant. You may either want to share the great news with the whole world or stay focused on the baby…

  • pregnant at work

    Pregnant at Work – How to Cope With It?

    Being pregnant at work may not be easy for working women. Here are some tips how to manage this special circumstances of being pregnant at work place to ensure that your career stays intact if possible. I have worked until…

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    Work Look of the Day – Statement Coat

    Does your job require a very formal business look from head to toe? Classic, not to say conservative kind of outfits are the option to choose for people around the world working for instance in the legal, insurance or banking…